Here's an example Fabric command. Call this from your deploy command when a deploy has completed successfully.

import requests
def rollbar_record_deploy():
    access_token = 'POST_SERVER_ITEM_ACCESS_TOKEN'
    environment = 'production'
    local_username = local('whoami', capture=True)
    # fetch last committed revision in the locally-checked out branch
    revision = local('git log -n 1 --pretty=format:"%H"', capture=True)

    resp ='', {
        'access_token': access_token,
        'environment': environment,
        'local_username': local_username,
        'revision': revision
    }, timeout=3)

    if resp.status_code == 200:
        print "Deploy recorded successfully."
        print "Error recording deploy:", resp.text

Parameter Reference

  • access_token  - Your project access token (required).
  • environment  - Name of the environment being deployed, e.g. production  (required).
  • revision  - Revision number/sha being deployed. If using git, use the full sha (required).
  • local_username  - User who deployed (optional).
  • rollbar_username  - Rollbar username of the user who deployed (optional).
  • comment  - Deploy comment (e.g. what is being deployed) (optional).
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